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Our Mission: Black & College Bound strives to improve college access and opportunities for students of color. We provide the coaching and support that empowers them to successfully map their future, recognize the power of their “brand”, network to create opportunities, navigate the collegiate process & secure diversity scholarships.


Our Vision: Black & College Bound partners will experience enhanced educational outcomes that lead to more productive careers, improved economic opportunity, and greater social well-being for all. Our services especially make the difference for students and families of color who traditionally experience disproportionate achievement gaps, educational attainment gaps, and income gaps.


Our Approach: Black & College Bound empowers students and families of color to maximize their preparation and planning for future college and career aspirations. Urban students require culturally relevant approaches which equip them to chart their own educational goals, explore careers, shadow professionals of color, and access diversity initiatives and scholarships.


We work with individuals and organizations to create learning experiences which guide adolescents through college exploration and application process submissions required by colleges and universities. Our expertise comes from decades of working with urban youth in literacy and college access programs.


We recognize that the college admissions process is overwhelming for students (and parents as well). For many students with limited awareness of college bound cultures, it can be downright intimidating.


Our B&CB approach is designed to motivate urban students of color who may need more technical advisement and encouragement to reach beyond their comfort zones in efforts to stand out amongst their peers. We provide FUN, INTERACTIVE exchanges that fill in the gaps and expose students to why college is essential and what it takes to get there -- especially when resources are limited.


How Can An Educational College Planning Consultant Help Your Family?


A professional educational consultant works one-on-one with each student, helping to identify colleges and universities that offer the best matches for the student's unique needs, and keeping the student on track through every phase of the college application process.  Our impartial expertise can help your family with:


  • High School curriculum planning - A consultant can help students make smart choices about their high school courses so that they stay on track for college admissions.

  • College admissions profile assessment - Although no consultant can guarantee admission to any individual college, a consultant can help your child identify their strengths as an applicant.

  • College selection - A consultant can assist your child in finding the colleges and universities which best match their interests, personality, needs and admissions profile.  

  • College entrance exams - A professional consultant can answer questions about which college entrance exams are most appropriate for your child and when to schedule testing. Some consultants also provide assistance with test preparation.

  • College applications and essays - A consultant works with each student to establish a realistic schedule for staying on top of application details and deadlines. Consultants may also review application elements, including essays.

  • Majors and Careers - Students often benefit from guidance in choosing majors and careers that are a good fit, as well as information about which colleges offer strong programs in areas of interest.

  • Financial Aid - Many families worry about how to pay for college expenses. A consultant can help your family navigate these concerns, while pointing your family in the direction of financial aid and merit scholarship opportunities.


Help from a non-biased third party so that you and your child can focus on enjoying this time together, rather than arguing about completing college applications



Source: Higher Education Consultants Association

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