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Who We Work With

Our Black & College Bound and Black & College Bound TOO! Program (serving grades K-5) both work with a wide range of students and parents to equip them for successful completion of their next level of education. Our Next Level Seminars include Kindergarten Readiness, Middle School Mentalities, High School Readiness, College Readiness, and Grad School Success.


Black & College Bound provides student coaching and consulting services for:


  • Elementary Students & Parents

  • Middle School Students & Parents

  • High School Students & Parents

  • Scholar Athletes & Parents

  • Undergraduate & Graduate College Students

  • Schools, Churches, & Youth Serving Organizations

  • College Readiness/Access Programs

  • Universities & Scholarship Providers


Black & College Bound understands that supporting your students’ or clients’ college and career planning is no easy task – especially when you’re juggling other responsibilities.  Our programs and services are designed to coach adolescents through this process to ensure that our youth are on the pathway to success.


Our seminars are FUN, engaging, team building activities designed to teach the importance of young people TAKING OWNERSHIP OF THEIR OWN LIFELONG SUCCESS! We teach participants to design their own plans, take the initiative to implement action steps, then hold adult stakeholders accountable for playing their suppotive roles.






When it comes to values required for college, career, and lifelong success we stress:

  • Preparation:          Taking initiative and ownership as the "drivers" of their success

  • Productivity:         Maximize school breaks to gain experience or serve the community

  • Professionalism:   Social Media Taboos, Dress For Success, Workplace Etiquette

  • Prevention:            Making poor instantaneous decisions with lifelong impacts

  • Proactivity:            "Work Your Plan" without waiting on parents or school staff to do so

  • Positioning:            Determine what activities and behaviors will help you STAND OUT!

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